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Shrink Your Negative Thoughts For A Better Workout

Shrinking (slang for clinical psychologist, psychiatrist or psychoanalyst) has been around since the days of the Socrates (b. 460 B.C.), one of the main founders of Western philosophy who contributed greatly to the field of psychology. He famously said, “one thing only I know, and this is I know nothing.” But he did know something, and that something was the power that the mind could wield. He thought it was critical for people to carefully question the physical, mental and emotional aspects of self (“know thyself”), so that we might come to have a more improved sense of who we are. True fitness encompasses those same three aspects that Socrates so passionately championed.

There are many reasons why people work out, and in my over 10 years as a celebrity fitness trainer, beauty or improved physical appearance is right at the top of the list. What’s the best approach to looking good in those new pair of skinny jeans or just tightening things up a bit? That’s easy. Start cheating. Not on your boyfriend, love interest or partner, but on those same boring go-to exercises that don’t get the job done anymore. Cheaters never win in real life, but in the world of physical fitness, it is absolutely essential to attaining your ideal body. Replace the mundane standard pushup with a much sexier version: pushups with your feet on a flat bench, and each of your hands on a separate Bosu ball for kick-ass core strength and toning. Swap out the monotony of dumbbell shoulder presses with the cardio enhancing, fat burning, and muscular inducing effects of fitness ropes. Movements like alternating waves, double waves and double rope slams are several ways to pump new life into your workout regimen! Mastering the physical component is just one aspect of complete fitness.

How you think and feel about yourself has a lot to do with the quality of your workout, with few exceptions. Think that your boss is out to get you? Do you work with someone you just can’t stand? Are you going through a rough patch with your significant other that is stressing you out like crazy? Did someone you care about become sick recently or pass away? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will most likely bring these unresolved issues into the gym with you. Confiding in your personal trainer who has a deep knowledge and understanding of psychology is a good place to begin uncovering all of the obstacles that may be getting in the way of reaching all of your fitness goals. Emotional eating is a prominent example. It may suggest a deeper underlying problem that if not appropriately dealt with, could negatively affect the results that you’re looking to achieve.

History does repeat itself in so many ways. What worked over 2,000 years ago is relevant even today. Performing at optimal physical, mental and emotional levels inspires and guides us. It is this interconnectedness that shapes our thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a constructive way, bringing us that much closer to not only our ideal body, but the ideal representation of self. Wouldn’t Socrates be so proud? Learn about what class or  classes are best for you.

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