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Individual Sessions

The way you approach fitness will never be the same once you experience a Brad Thomas Mind Body workout. What makes Brad’s technique so unique and refreshingly different from every other program out there? You’ll not only be burning fat and creating more lean muscle with someone who has over 15 years of training experience, but you’ll also receive expert guidance from someone getting his PhD in clinical psychology. Truly mind and body. After you’re feeling super charged from a high energy workout that includes cardio, weight training, core exercises and toning during the first 40 minutes, you’ll engage in DYNAMIC TALK™ -- a deeper, more meaningful conversation about the here and now with Brad Thomas -- or one of his highly skilled trainers -- for the last 15 minutes. During this time, you are encouraged to talk about what vexes you, what excites you, what tempts you and what overwhelms you. The goal is for you to take more of an active role in your own self-discovery so that you can experience a greater level of self-awareness. The hope is that, as a result of becoming more reflective, you will make better life choices. BTMB will help give you the tools to overcome your biggest fears, your biggest obstacles by encouraging you to think about how you experience the world and what that means to you.

       Psycho Fitness NYC Group Class

It’s all in the name. Psycho is shorthand for both “crazy” and “psychology”. If you want to push your mind and body to places they’ve never been before, then this is the class for you! This one-of-a kind workout combines total body strength and conditioning with DYNAMIC TALK™. The first 35 minutes is a non-stop, fat-shredding and muscle toning escapade that keeps you in a groove with body-rockin’ music that pumps you up while you try to hold on for dear life. Burpies, pull-ups, rope climbing, ab toning, arm sculpting, and butt lifting and shaping exercises are all fair game. What a great way to lose that extra few pounds that have been hanging around since forever. When you work out this hard, you’ll be so tired that you’ll naturally become less defensive and more at ease with talking about your thoughts and feelings. This is the idea behind the last 20 minutes of the workout dedicated to group DYNAMIC TALK™. You’ll be selected to be a part of one of two small groups comprised of no more than 10 people in each group facilitated by a skilled fitness trainer. In this atmosphere, you’ll encounter the immediate experience of collaborating and contending with others to have their needs met, much like the real world. This kind of work in such an interpersonal environment will help address issues relating to self-esteem, goal setting, body image, relationships, regulating one’s emotions and overall life satisfaction.

-You’re Not Fit Unless You’re Psycho Fit!™

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