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Brad Thomas Mind Body

Brad Thomas Mind Body (BTMB) is located in New York City and offers a one of a kind experience by incorporating both the physical and mental aspects of working out in a unique way.  It achieves this by dedicating the first half of the personal training session to weight training and cardiovascular endurance, and the second half to an innovative therapeutic approach.  This end of workout dynamic allows clients to express their thoughts and feelings about the here and now.  The goal is for them to better understand how those thoughts and feelings can be used to improve their gym performance and overall life satisfaction. Trainers will maintain a circumscribed relationship with clients during the entire session. They will mostly refrain from revealing personal information about themselves outside of training and experience, but may self-disclose in a careful and limited way.  This process allows for the entire experience to be focused entirely on the client. Through its unique combination of: (i) therapeutic techniques from a PhD level clinical psychologist in-training, (ii) innovative fitness routines designed to maximize lean muscle and fat-burning potential, (iii) and the development of a new psychotherapeutic process designed to assist clients in becoming more in touch with the mental aspect of total wellness, BTMB intends to become the premier provider of mind/body fitness to professionals, businesses, and consumers.

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