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Become a part of a new and exciting fitness revolution.  How good does it feel to have a great workout after a stressful day at work, trying to effectively manage the needs of your children with your own, or the inherent ups and downs of a relationship with a significant other?  How much better would it feel to be able to talk about those things that get in the way of you reaching your full potential?




Become a part of a growing community of people who want to tap into their inner beauty as much as their outer beauty.

Private Training

The quest for a more well-balanced you can start tight now. Let's do this together.

Shrink Me!

What you think and feel directly impacts your behavior. Why not talk to your fitness trainer about it?


Visit us to learn more. You can also schedule a consultation so we can discuss your needs.

Mind Body

The way you approach fitness will never be the same once you experience a Brad Thomas Mind Body workout. What makes Brad’s technique so unique and refreshingly different from every other program out there? You’ll not only be burning fat and creating more lean muscle with someone who has over 15 years of training experience, but you’ll also receive expert guidance from someone getting his PhD in clinical psychology. Truly mind and body. 

Learn more about this life changing experience.

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